Depressed Rescue Dog Becomes Best Friends With A Rat

Osiris and Riff Rat are best friends despite the huge size gap. Osiris is a 3-year-old Dutch Shepherd, while Riff Rat is as his name would suggest, a 3-month-old rat. The two spend all their time together and have even a strong level of trust with Riff Rat crawling in and out of Osiris’s mouth!

This strange but endearing friendship started back then Osiris’s owners rescued 4-week-old Riff Rat. He was so small, he hadn’t yet opened his eyes and needed to be nursed back from the brink with the use of a syringe.

Osiris himself was a rescue who was abandoned in a parking lot when he was just a pup. His owners made him their foster fail. So it would stand to reason that he would take well to a fellow rescue. After all, Osiris is trained as a therapy dog, so he has a patient and has helped his owners to care for many animals.

At first, their owners were a little hesitant to introduce the pair to one another for obvious reasons, but all fears were dashed as they saw how well the two got along.

You can see adorable pictures of the two together below:


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