Kind Pit Bull Offers His Doghouse To Pregnant Stray Cat And Stands Guard As She Has Her Kittens


Pit bulls are affectionate and devoted dogs that will go the extra mile for those they care about.

Kind Pit Bull Offers His Doghouse To Pregnant Stray Cat And Stands Guard As She Has Her Kittens

Hades, a pit bull that lives with his family in Mexico, is showing the world what big hearts the breed has.

The adorable dog takes after his father, Juan José P Flores, who shows compassion to those in need. Flores noticed an elusive stray cat in the neighborhood, so he left out food so the cat wouldn’t go hungry. He never expected Hades to befriend the little feline.

Loving pit bull invites a pregnant stray cat into his house so she could be protected while having her babies

Don’t let his name fool you, Hades is a sweet and gentle dog who saw a friend in need and offered his home as a safe haven.

One day, Hades was creating such a ruckus near the back door that Flores went to see what was causing all the commotion. It turns out, his beloved dog wanted to show him something inside his doghouse. Inside was the stray cat lounging on the soft blankets.

Hades had something really important to show his owner.

Juan describes his dog’s behavior as ‘desperate’ while making ‘a lot of noise’. When he went out to check what was going on, Flores saw something he definitely wasn’t expecting. Hades was happily pointing out that he had invited a special friend over in his doghouse.

The special someone was the stray cat Juan was taking care of. Surprisingly, the man noticed she was pregnant. Apparently, Hades wanted to help her in such a sensitive time, so he offered her his comfortable house as a safe place where she could deliver her babies.

While the stray cat was giving birth to her baby-kittens, the kindhearted pit bull didn’t leave her side. Juan described the beautiful moment:

He dragged a blanket over to the entrance of his house and settled outside the door. She felt protected by him.

Accompanied by her new best friend, Hades, in such a vulnerable moment, the cat delivered two adorable kittens.

Thanks to the tenderness of Juan’s pit bull, she had a comfortable place where she would welcome her babies into the world, instead of being in the hostile streets, where she usually lives.

Hades was so happy, that Flores suggested he may think he is the real father of the babies. The owner couldn’t leave the new mom outside, so he moved her and her kittens into the main house, where he and Hades could keep a close eye on them.

Since then, Juan takes full-time care of the former stray cat, which is now named Nicol. Hades and Nicol have been spending most of their time together. They became inseparable since the sweetest pitbull first brought the cat home.

The proud owner hopes that Hades’ story will change the way people perceive his breed. Perhaps, it would even inspire them, since the dog has shown incredible kindness and compassion. Juan emphasized:

“Pit bulls are good dogs. Hades put everything aside to help someone else. We should do the same without expecting anything in return”.

Flores also shares that when the right time comes, he will find a loving new home for the little kittens. As for Nicol, she will always have a cozy home with him and his pupper.


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