Loyal Cat Refuses To Leave Bedside Of Dying Grandma Who Raised Her


It is said that people don’t really understand cats and that they are aloof, but this story shows that they do have feelings and care very much about the humans they share their life with he loved.  The story of Trooper was one particularly intriguing story about loyalty.

In 2014, Alexis Hackney and her family found Trooper while flipping a house. He was adopted when he was just two weeks. they could hear her meowing from the basement and went to investigate. “She was in the wall, and my mom and sister had to get a sledgehammer, and bust out the sheetrock and get her,” Alexis explained. “She was about 2 weeks old. Her eyes were barely open.”

The family lived with their grandmother Whaley who was 96 years old, Whaley who loved her grandchildren and Trooper so much.

They took the kitten home where she formed a close bond with their grandmother Sarah who lived with them. Whaley fell ill and that’s when everybody knew how Trooper loved her. Trooper slept on her bed most of the time and was constantly bringing her gifts from around the house. Sometimes Whaley hard minor heart attacks and Trooper could be seen rushing to her and comforting her.

Unfortunately, Whaley passed on just a few days before her birthday. When Whaley sadly passed away, Trooper was inconsolable. Soon after the body had to be taken away and this was so damaging to Trooper that he refused to eat and he could be seen walking around the house crying the whole time.

Trooper is doing better now but misses Sarah Whaley very much. She still goes into Whaley’s room, and leaves socks and other objects on the floor.

What a touching story. I’m not surprised it went viral. The Hackney’s are lucky to have such a faithful feline like Trooper.


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